Rizwan Anwar is a Special representative to the Prime Minister Youth Programme , He is Social Entrepreneur, Chairman and founder of Youth Revolution Clan, Global Youth Advocate for United Nations. 

He has received many Awards including Chief Minister Youth Excellence Award, Cultural Revolution Award by the United Nations Association of Civilization, Young Social Entrepreneur Award by Ministry of Youth Affairs and United Nations My World Survey Best Outreach Partner Award from United Nations Millennium Campaign. 


He is the first Pakistani who was selected among one hundred Youngsters from All over the world  to attend the meeting on United Nations Inter Agency Network on Youth Development. He has also represented Pakistan in the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly as a Youth delegate member.


Rizwan Anwar’s unwavering dedication to youth empowerment has positioned him as a transformative leader in the field. Under his guidance, the Youth Revolution Clan has become a beacon of hope and opportunity for young individuals across Pakistan. His focus on social entrepreneurship and digital innovation has not only equipped students with the necessary skills to excel but has also encouraged them to tackle pressing societal issues with creative solutions. Rizwan’s passion for fostering inclusive growth, particularly through the empowerment of young women, has significantly contributed to creating a more equitable and progressive society. His efforts continue to inspire and pave the way for the next generation of leaders.


He led the foundations of Youth Revolution Clan ,that is a platform for youngsters to serve their communities and bring a positive and healthy changes in the society especially to empower the young girls and women.  As a founder and chairman of Youth Revolution Clan, He has initiated the country’s Many Social entrepreneurship programs specially in the field of Strategic Management and Digital Marketing providing an opportunity zone for Pakistani university students to translate their ideas into actions, as they propose business enterprises to solve local problems.